At this very moment, Hans J. Morgenthau Center is a research platform directly and continuously supported by CIESPRISS, which is – as we have already stated – a center within the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Bucharest (FSPUB). Several of the initiators of the Hans J. Morgenthau Center are (either being professors, or students, or alumni of the FSPUB) members of CIESPRISS as well. CIESPRISS as an already functional entity has significant relations with several other research bodies. One of them is Romanian Military Thinking (RMT), a professional military journal published under the aegis of the General Staff of the Romanian Armed Forces; the other one is the Centre for Defence and Security Strategic StudiesCSSAS, a research center within the National Defense University “Carol I”. Researchers belonging to both RMT and CSSAS were actively involved in both international conferences listed above. Some researchers belonging to the National Intelligence Institute, a research structure within the National Intelligence Academy were also involved, delivering texts, in the already mentioned international conferences, both in 2011 and in 2013.