We are a group of mainly Romanian professors, students, and independent or institutionally affiliated researchers with only one, but very strong common denominator: the belief in the analytical and forecasting value of the concepts, ideas and thinking patterns of Realism, a paradigm for studying International Relations, best embodied in modern times by the works of Hans J. Morgenthau (and having as distant forefathers other influential authors, starting with Thucydides in the 5th century b.C.)..

In spite of the fact that along the past few decades a lot of other schools emerged and generated important results in the field of International Relations, we think that classical Realism – that was shaped and developed by Morgenthau, mainly in his notorious Politics among Nations: The Struggle for Power and Peace – is still a very potent intellectual tool. A tool enabling the passionate and professional researcher to properly explore, above all, topics and trends concentrating the attention on power; on conflicts of all sorts (mainly wars and insurgencies); on the structure and dynamics of national power of different actors of the international arena, which are either in open competition, or are cooperating on the international arena; on interests (defined in terms of power); on the active quest for regional, continental, hemispheric or even global hegemony; on the logic and effectiveness of alliances or of ad-hoc coalitions, aiming to solve significant regional or global problems; and on the logic of balancing and bandwagoning, the two main policies aiming to generate functional ways in which power is distributed on the world arena.