News Alert No.28: The U.S. House of Representatives approves plan to arm Syrian rebels against the Islamic State

U.S. Syria

On September 17, the House of Representatives approved President Obama’s plan to arm and train Syrian moderate rebels in order to fight against the Islamic State (ISIL). The amendment passed with support from both the Democrats and the Republicans, but there was also significant opposition from both parties: “the vote was 273 -156. More than […]

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News Alert No.26: Afghanistan: ISAF soldiers killed in a suicide attack that took place in Kabul


On September 16, 2014, a suicide car bomber attacked ISAF forces in the Afghan capital, Kabul. According to The New York Times, “the attack took place near the crowded Massoud Circle, across from the American Embassy”, and “just outside an American Special Operations base”[1]. In a brief statement, ISAF has confirmed that “three International Security […]

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Policy Brief No.9: Somalia: Successful US military airstrike against the al-Shabaab extremist network

A stronger US involvement in Africa

Update, September 6, 2014: On September 5, 2014, Read Admiral John F Kirby, the Pentagon’s spokesman, declared that the US “have confirmed that Ahmed Godane, the co-founder of al-Shabaab, has been killed”, in the aftermath of an American attack which took place on September 1; Kirby also mentioned that “removing Godane from the battlefield is […]

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Policy Brief No.5: Iran: a few aspects related to the country’s nuclear program


Back in May 2014, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), an organization that functions under the aegis of the UN, asked Iran “to address concerns into its research over explosives experimentation, as well as studies into nuclear explosive yields”[1], with a deadline being set for August 25. However, according to Jerusalem Post, “Tehran failed to […]

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