News Alert No.3: Media reports: important regular Iranian military presence in Iraq

Iran Iraq

Al Jazeera news published on August 23 say that “hundreds of Iranian soldiers” belonging to the regular Iranian military forces have been sent to Iraq, in order to fight the Islamic State. According to sources quoted by Al Jazeera, Iranian military units are already fighting “together with Kurdish forces to retake a town”[1]. Also on […]

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Policy Brief No.2: Guam: a perennial and major strategic asset for the U.S. in the Pacific Ocean


A few days ago, Bob Work – at this very moment Deputy Defense Secretary of the U.S. – has visited the tiny island of Guam, in the Central-North Pacific. The visit was “part of a seven-day trip that began with an Aug. 17 stop in Hawaii and will include visits this week with officials and […]

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Policy Brief No.1: Afghanistan: Major press agencies and some important U.S. official reports depict two vastly different realities


On August 20, 2014, Reuters clearly stated that “fighting between Afghan forces and militants intensifies ahead of the withdrawal of most foreign troops this year”. The same notoriously reliable media outlet says that Afghanistan is “a nation where Taliban militants are fast gaining ground against government forces”[1]. Beyond the level of such general evaluations, international […]

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