Policy Brief No. 40: Money Makes the War Go Round : U.S. Intervention in Syria Possibly Way More Expensive than Initially Expected

Military spending Syria

On September 16, during a Senate meeting, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel declared[1] that the cost of training 5,000 Syrian rebels in the course of one year to reclaim control over the territories in Eastern Syria from the self-proclaimed Islamic State will amount to a staggering figure of 500 million dollars. Ten days later, Chairman […]

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Policy Brief No.36: Germany’s Burden and the Future of the EU Refugee Policy

German Refugee

On September 19, inside the Eyüp Sultan Camii Mosque in Ronnenberg near Hanover[1], German Interior Minister Thomas de Mazière publicly raised the issue of the increased flow of refugees seeking asylum in Germany and of the possible consequences for the resident German population. In 2013, Germany received 130,000 refugee applications and as many as 200,000 […]

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