Opinion No:10: Brazil: Most senior military leaders reject protesters’ calls for a return to power of the armed forces


Folha de São Paulo informs on November 19, 2014, that senior military officials strongly reject protesters’ calls for a come-back to power of the armed forces[1]. After Dilma Rousseff won her second term as President of Brazil, unhappy electors organized through Facebook protest marches in São Paulo and, to a lesser extent in other main […]

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News Alert No.91: New steps in Brazil’s submarine development program


Defesa Aérea e Naval informed on November 14, that Itaguaí Construções Navais (ICN), a company formed by Odebrecht Defense and Technology and the French DCNS, received the homologation to produce the rib structure for submarine hulls[1]. “This homologation to manufacture the rib structure represents a small part of the process of technology transfer for submarine […]

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Opinion No.8: Brazil and Spain – enhanced bilateral cooperation on military intelligence


Brazilian and Spanish officials participated until Wednesday, November 5, 2014, to the second Bilateral Meeting on Military Intelligence held in Brasília, informs the Brazilian Ministry of Defense (MD)[1]. The main goal of the meeting, which lasted two days, was enhancing information exchange between the Armed Forces of the two countries, an objective particularly aimed at […]

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Opinion No.4: Dilma Rousseff re-elected President of Brazil in tightest race since the country’s return to democracy


On Sunday, October 26, the Workers’ Party (PT) candidate Dilma Vana Rousseff was re-elected President of Brazil at the end of the tightest political race the country has seen since its return to democracy after the fall of the military regime, three decades ago. Dilma Rousseff had 51.64% of the ballots (that means 54,501,118 votes), […]

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Policy Brief No.51: Embraer and the Brazilian Air Force launch the first prototype of the KC-390 military transport aircraft, significantly boosting Brazil’s airlift capabilities


Embraer and the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) are to formally roll out the first prototype of the KC-390 military transport aircraft, on October 21[1]. The ceremony is set to take place at the Gavião Peixoto facility, in the State of São Paulo, where the model is being produced. The agreement between the FAB and the […]

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News Alert No.65: Brazil’s Operation Amazonia 2014 is underway: massive military exercise, aimed at protecting “the planet’s greatest biodiversity area”


According to the Commander of Boa Vista Air Base, Air Force Colonel Mauro Bellintani, combat training exercises which are a major part of Operation Amazonia are being run as in a situation of real armed conflict. “We are assembling real elements in a simulation. Nothing differs from a real situation”, he explained to Folha de […]

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News Alert No.55: Brazil Presidential Poll: Dilma Rouseff to face Aécio Neves in election runoff, on October 26


On October 5, Brazilians casted their vote to choose the country’s next president. Incumbent Dilma Rousseff (Workers Party) took 41.1% in this first round, and Aécio Neves (Social Democratic Party) 34.2%. This means that, in terms of foreign policy, two significantly different approaches will compete in election runoff. Brazil’s “way towards the Exterior passes through […]

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