Opinion No.12: Liberty or Safety?


While it is virtually unknown in many parts of Europe, Uber[1] has become a household name in the US as well as many countries in Western Europe. A dynamic, hip company, ready to break established patterns, bring solutions that are innovative, community building, and flout conventions. Hence the surprise, when some time ago the online […]

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News Alert No.73: A twin-edged sword flying


Recently the University of Birmingham Policy Commission published their report, called ‘The Security Impact of Drones: Challenges and Opportunities for the UK’[1]. The Commission, consisting of leading academics of the field, some of whom had extensive military and security experience[2] debated the role and importance of the drones or – as they are officially designated […]

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News Alert No.70: Shaping the public – the story of a 20-year long psy-op


Recently the British Ministry of Defence has declassified and released a report on the use of soap operas as an effective means to influence and shape the public opinion[1]. The report candidly and exhaustively describes the enormous efforts undertaken by BBC World Service in conjunction with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the MoD and several […]

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Opinion No. 3: A Trojan horse plays with a powder keg…


No, it is not the beginning of a joke, but a somewhat whimsical description of today’s situation in the East of Europe. For many decades, the Balkans were described as ‘the powder keg of Europe’, considering the many conflicts that started there and extended to most of Europe – indeed, to most of the world, […]

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Policy Brief No.21: Hungary after the NATO summit: committed or ambivalent?


Following the 2014 NATO Summit, Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán briefed the Hungarian press.[1] In his speech, the PM asserted, that the decisions made at the summit increased the security of Hungary by – as he put it – “translating the – insofar abstract – NATO guarantees in the popular language”. Further, he briefly mentioned the […]

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Opinion No.1: Does history repeat itself? Musings on Russian deeds and plans


In 1918, the bloodiest war yet experienced ended, with three former great powers reduced to insignificance or outright erased from the map. Germany was not only reduced territorially, but also returned to its former status of second-rate power. Austria-Hungary ceased to exist, while the once mighty Russian Empire descended into the chaos of a civil […]

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