News Alert No.6: Iraq: Important result of US airstrikes against ISIL – besieged Shiites in Amerli reinforced and receive supplies, siege broken

US Iraq

On August 31, a direct result of massive U.S. airstrikes against the ISIL forces and positions occurred: the Sunni militants were forced to at least partially abandon the siege of Amerli, a Shiite town in Northern Irak, CBS News reports. Iraqi regular forces reached the town “coming from two directions” and started distributing aid to […]

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News Alert No.5: Putin wants a new “statehood” in Eastern Ukraine


On August 31, 2014, in an interview on the First Channel, Putin said that in order to solve the situation in the South-Eastern part of Ukraine, there is a need to start meaningful negotiations with the political organizations, and to establish the State for Eastern Ukraine. “We must immediately get down to a substantial, substantive negotiations, and […]

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News Alert No.4: Somalia and Eastern Afghanistan: Islamist militants attack intelligence facilities, using in both occasions suicide vehicle bombers


On August 31, “a suicide car bomber rammed a national-intelligence facility in Somalia’s capital”, and “gunmen then attacked the building, which is used to hold suspected militants”, Reuters reports, quoting a senior police officer in Mohadishu. An intense fight occurred, and there is “no immediate claim of responsibility”. The open source quoted here states that […]

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News Alert No.3: Media reports: important regular Iranian military presence in Iraq

Iran Iraq

Al Jazeera news published on August 23 say that “hundreds of Iranian soldiers” belonging to the regular Iranian military forces have been sent to Iraq, in order to fight the Islamic State. According to sources quoted by Al Jazeera, Iranian military units are already fighting “together with Kurdish forces to retake a town”[1]. Also on […]

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News Alert No.2: Helsinki says Russian aircraft violated Finnish space

Russia Plane

On August 23, 2014, Finland’s Ministry of Defense said that he suspects a Russian aircraft violated Finnish airspace. According to Reuters, “a state aircraft, a term which refers to plane used in military, customs and police services briefly entered the airspace over the Gulf of Finland.”[1] It’s not the first time since the beginning of the conflict in […]

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News Alert No.1: A new “cyber alliance”: Russian Federation and China

Russia China

Russia is interested in expanding the use of servers, storage systems and telecommunications equipment from China and hopes for more active promotion of Russian software on the Chinese market, said the head of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Nikiforov at the meeting with the Minister of Industry and Information Technology of China, […]

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