Opinion no 28: Antony Beevor, officially banned in Russian schools


Antony Beevor, an outstandingly serious professional historian, is writing in The Guardian, on August 5, 2015, that his books have been officially banned in Russia. Beevor says: “Over the past 24 hours I have been receiving slightly ironic congratulations by email from fellow historians. They were prompted by the order from the Ministry of Education […]

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Opinion no. 27: A desperate attempt to break diplomatic isolation: Kim Jong Un’s first official visit will be to Moscow


“Kim Jong Un might be ready this year to come out of his cave a bit”[1], affirmed the North Korea expert John Delury[2], cited by The Washington Post, on January 14, 2015. After three years of almost complete diplomatic isolation, North Korea’s leader decided to stage his first official visit to Moscow, by accepting the […]

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Opinion no 26: Some brief comments on Brazilian nuclear power plants and their role in shaping national power

(FILES) General view of the Angra 1 (R)

Brazilian nuclear power plant Angra 1[1] was resynchronized to the National Interconnected System (SIN) and started functioning again on January 20, 2015, at 16.46, local time, informs Eletronuclear Brasil[2]. Angra 1 had been automatically turned off in the afternoon of the day before, due to an electrical disturbance in the SIN, disturbance which had caused […]

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Opinion no. 24: Japan’s defense budget to be increased by almost 3 %


For the third consecutive year [1], Japan’s defense budget is increased (2.8 percent over the previous fiscal year) till 4.98 trillion yen (i.e. 42 billion $) [2]. This is the largest ever defense budget in Japan and it will raise the defense expenses for the fiscal year which starts in April till 5% of Japan’s […]

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Opinion No.23: New perspectives for a Korean dialogue – some ups and downs

Korea Map1

On January 1st, 2015, BBC News cited from the New Year’s speech of Kim Yong-Un as the North Korean leader “has offered to hold talks at the highest level with South Korea” and “if Pyongyang’s conditions were met, he would even be prepared to hold a summit meeting with South Korean President Park Geun-hye”[1]. This […]

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Opinion No.22: Paris terrorist attacks ‘not associated to all the Muslims’, underlines Brazilian analyst


In an interview for Globo Sem Fronteiras on Januray 9, Brazilian Professor and analyst Fernando Brancoli underlines that the Paris attacks that shook the world in the previous days are not based on a point of view shared by the Muslim community as a whole. “The actions of the Islamic State are not actions associated […]

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Opinion no. 21: North Korea’s cyber warfare and U.S. sanctions

the interview

“On Friday [January 2, 2015], the White House announced a new round of sanctions on North Korea, but Senator Robert Menendez is demanding a stronger response.”[1], New Republic stated on January 6, 2015. Bloomberg added on January 2, “Senator Robert Menendez, the outgoing chairman and top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called the […]

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