Opinion No.13: Fifteen war massacre perpetrators arrested in Bosnia and Serbia


On December 5, 2014, “Serbia and Bosnia carried out a pre-dawn sweep of arrests” of those responsible for a massacre which took place 21 years ago, Star and Stripes reports, quoting an AP text. The same open sources report that “investigative documents show how the two countries – bitter wartime enemies – worked together to […]

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Opinion No.12: Liberty or Safety?


While it is virtually unknown in many parts of Europe, Uber[1] has become a household name in the US as well as many countries in Western Europe. A dynamic, hip company, ready to break established patterns, bring solutions that are innovative, community building, and flout conventions. Hence the surprise, when some time ago the online […]

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Opinion No.11: Space debris is boosting tensions between Russia and the West


„Russia may be testing a satellite capable of chasing down other orbiting spacecraft”, Paul Rincon wrote for BBC on November 20, 2014[1]. This grim evaluation is connected to a story which started some months earlier. On May 23, 2014, a Rockot booster lifted off from Plesetsk cosmodrome (the main military cosmodrome of Russia), carrying three […]

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Opinion No:10: Brazil: Most senior military leaders reject protesters’ calls for a return to power of the armed forces


Folha de São Paulo informs on November 19, 2014, that senior military officials strongly reject protesters’ calls for a come-back to power of the armed forces[1]. After Dilma Rousseff won her second term as President of Brazil, unhappy electors organized through Facebook protest marches in São Paulo and, to a lesser extent in other main […]

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Opinion No.9: The impact of social media in cyber warfare


Observing trends and influencing large masses of people.* When we speak about social media networks and their influence upon large mases of people, two security issues stand out : first and perhaps the least discussed, is linked to their owners. A recent experiment conducted by Facebook points out a risk in this case. “Facebook revealed […]

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Opinion No.8: Brazil and Spain – enhanced bilateral cooperation on military intelligence


Brazilian and Spanish officials participated until Wednesday, November 5, 2014, to the second Bilateral Meeting on Military Intelligence held in Brasília, informs the Brazilian Ministry of Defense (MD)[1]. The main goal of the meeting, which lasted two days, was enhancing information exchange between the Armed Forces of the two countries, an objective particularly aimed at […]

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Opinion No.7: Anti-Satellite Systems versus the UN


Russia’s Foreign Ministry said for ITAR-TASS on November 4, 2014, that a quite recent Russian initiative – a United Nations General Assembly draft resolution for no-first placement of weapons in the outer space – “is supported by an overwhelming majority of UN member-states”[1]. From a total number of 193 UN member-states, 126 (which means some […]

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