Opinion No.6: Some meanings and consequences of the recent explosion of a NASA-contracted rocket


An Antares-130 unmanned rocket owned by Orbital Sciences Corporation (a US private space company), carrying 30 different payloads[1], exploded on September 28, 2014, about 10 seconds after lifting off from a commercial space facility in Wallops Island, Virginia. A Cygnus spacecraft was the main payload of the rocket and it was carrying in 2.293 kg […]

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Opinion No.5: Beyond the layer of recent events, some broad and long-term trends are slowly working in Nigeria


On the October 23, 2014, BBC[1] reported that on Saturday, October 19, exactly one day after the “truce” unilaterally announced by the Nigerian Army, the terrorist organization Boko Haram abducted several dozen of women and girls from three villages in Nigeria’s northeastern Adamawa state. Though the Nigerian government didn’t confirm the abduction, local sources said […]

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Opinion No.4: Dilma Rousseff re-elected President of Brazil in tightest race since the country’s return to democracy


On Sunday, October 26, the Workers’ Party (PT) candidate Dilma Vana Rousseff was re-elected President of Brazil at the end of the tightest political race the country has seen since its return to democracy after the fall of the military regime, three decades ago. Dilma Rousseff had 51.64% of the ballots (that means 54,501,118 votes), […]

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Opinion No. 3: A Trojan horse plays with a powder keg…


No, it is not the beginning of a joke, but a somewhat whimsical description of today’s situation in the East of Europe. For many decades, the Balkans were described as ‘the powder keg of Europe’, considering the many conflicts that started there and extended to most of Europe – indeed, to most of the world, […]

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Opinion No. 2: China’s ‘reality game’ of GO: the Chinese Navy in the Indian Ocean


“It’s doubtful any Chinese president worth his salt would place Chinese interests in the East or South China Sea in jeopardy for uncertain stakes in the Indian Ocean”[1] said U.S. Naval College professor James Holmes in an article published on October 7. Lanka’s Colombo port was visited in early September 2014 by a P.L.A.N. (People’s […]

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Opinion No.1: Does history repeat itself? Musings on Russian deeds and plans


In 1918, the bloodiest war yet experienced ended, with three former great powers reduced to insignificance or outright erased from the map. Germany was not only reduced territorially, but also returned to its former status of second-rate power. Austria-Hungary ceased to exist, while the once mighty Russian Empire descended into the chaos of a civil […]

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