Policy Brief No. 41: Hong Kong huge protests: Tiananmen Square ‘reloaded’, exactly one generation later

Hong Kong China

“Huge crowds of pro-democracy protests defy government calls to go home”, Al Jazeera reports published on September 30 say about the ongoing events in Hong Kong. The same open source says that the protesters “have turned parts of Hong Kong into a massive street party on Monday night [September 29 to September 30], with the […]

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Policy Brief No. 40: Money Makes the War Go Round : U.S. Intervention in Syria Possibly Way More Expensive than Initially Expected

Military spending Syria

On September 16, during a Senate meeting, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel declared[1] that the cost of training 5,000 Syrian rebels in the course of one year to reclaim control over the territories in Eastern Syria from the self-proclaimed Islamic State will amount to a staggering figure of 500 million dollars. Ten days later, Chairman […]

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Policy Brief No.39: Ukraine is trying to get more independence from Russian energy

Ukraine Nuclear Energy

According to Itar-Tass, on September 24, 2014, Ukraine has approved supplies of upgraded nuclear fuel from the US company Westinghouse for its nuclear power plants (NPP) and expects the first delivery by the end of the year, said a senior official with the national nuclear service. Mikhail Gashev, the first deputy chairman of the State […]

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Policy Brief No.38: U.S. airstrikes in Syria hit a ‘shadowy al Qaeda cell’. Who offered the Americans real-time and very accurate intelligence on the secretive terrorist entity?

US airstrikes in Syria

On September 23, Reuters reported that the massive U.S. airstrikes against Islamic State (ISIL) positions in Syria “also struck a blow there against a little-known cadre of hardened al Qaeda militants that posed a more immediate threat to the West”. We are speaking about “what Washington called the Khorasan Group, so shadowy that U.S. officials […]

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Policy Brief No.37: China-India territorial frictions, possible signs that Xi Jinping needs to assume better control of the PLA.

Xi Jinping

According to open sources, “Indian and Chinese troops faced off at their countries’ unmarked border in the Himalayas on Thursday [April 18, 2014] as their leaders were promising to boost economic cooperation and substantially increase Chinese investment in India’s infrastructure at a rare meeting.”[1] It seems that although the two leaders were keen on promoting […]

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Policy Brief No.36: Germany’s Burden and the Future of the EU Refugee Policy

German Refugee

On September 19, inside the Eyüp Sultan Camii Mosque in Ronnenberg near Hanover[1], German Interior Minister Thomas de Mazière publicly raised the issue of the increased flow of refugees seeking asylum in Germany and of the possible consequences for the resident German population. In 2013, Germany received 130,000 refugee applications and as many as 200,000 […]

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Policy Brief No.35: Major Russian geo-strategic victory in South Africa – 8 large nuclear reactors to be built by Rosatom along the next 10 years


On September 22, Russia’s Rosatom announced it “will supply eight nuclear power units to South Africa until 2023 under the agreement signed in Vienna on Monday”, ITAR-TASS reports. Rosatom head Sergei Kiriyenko declared that the Russian the large corporation he is leading “is ready to assist South Africa in creating a world-class industrial cluster from […]

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