Policy Paper No.5: Europe’s approach to Russia’s gas power – searching for alternative solutions

Russia gas

On September 16, Slovak gas company SPP has registered a 25% decline in Russian gas, Austria reported a 15% lower gas supply from Russia on September 12, and Romania  reported a 10% cut in gas on September 15. According to Ria Novosti, “Russian gas deliveries to Europe are possible only on the condition that Ukraine’s […]

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Policy Paper No.4: Asia-Pacific: Geostrategic significance of a strong Indian-Japanese partnership

India Japan

Diplomatic talks between Indian and Japanese top officials, aiming to significantly improve the cooperation of the two Asian countries continued on September 1 in Japan. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Japan on August 30, for five days, and he already had an official meeting in Tokyo with his Japanese counterpart, Shinzo Abe. Their […]

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Policy Paper No.3: Former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow: Russia alone is fully responsible for the Ukrainian request to join NATO

Jack Matlock

Jack Matlock, former U.S. Ambassador to USSR, declares, speaking about Kiev’s decision to pursue, as quickly as possible, full NATO membership, that “it is current Russian action, not Western policy or desire, that is creating an incentive in both Ukraine and NATO for Ukrainian membership”. Matlock, who served as U.S. ambassador to USSR – and […]

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Policy Paper No.2: The Chinese “supersonic” submarine, putting things into perspective

The Chinese supersonic submarine

Recently China made a declaration which strongly illustrates the magnitude of Chinese efforts made in order to get at least technological parity with the U.S. in naval warfare. In its efforts to develop its maritime military power, Beijing announced that it could have taken an important step in the development of what should be the […]

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Policy Paper No.1: Some Consequences of Russia’s Import Ban: winners and losers

russia imports

Russia’s ban on a range of US and European products as a response to Western sanctions will change some important commercial relations. What other indirect consequences can we expect? In 2013 Russia’s exports to EU were in amount of 119.8 billion euro and EU exports to Russia were in amount of 205 billion euro[1]. Norway […]

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