News Alert no. 139: Major insurgent attacks in – and near – Kabul: 50 killed, hundreds wounded

Building destroyed by a bomb truck in Kabul

Starting with August 7, 2015, several significant attacks have been launched by insurgents (and at least two of them by Taliban fighters) against “Afghan army and police and U.S. special forces”, in or near Kabul, Reuters reports on August 8. At least 50 people were killed and several hundred have been wounded, and open sources […]

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Policy Brief no. 76: The new Taliban leader, confronted with a horde of major problems

Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, the new Afghan Taliban leader, who recently replaced Mullah Omar (who “had been dead for some time”), is already confronted with very severe problems, Reuters indirectly indicates on August 1, 2015. In his first audio recording provided to journalists, Mansour intensely asked for “unity”. He said “the enemy can’t defeat us […]

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Policy Brief no. 68: U.S. military advisers to be deployed near the front lines in Iraq, at Mosul

us in irak again

A “senior U.S. military official” quoted by CNN said, on January 24, 2015, that U.S. military advisers already deployed to Iraq in order to significantly boost combat worthiness of Iraqi troops might be sent near the front lines at Mosul (the largest city in Northern Iraq and the largest city controlled by ISIL). Most probably, […]

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Policy Brief No.67: Taliban attack kills at least 140 people at military-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan

peshawar attack army reaction

At 10 a.m. (local time), on December 16, at least nine Taliban fighters, all of them heavily armed and wearing suicide vests, quietly entered a military-run school in Peshawar, a city in North-Western Pakistan, killing at least 130 students and teachers, Reuters reports. One witness says the attackers “bypassed the heavily guarded main entrance and […]

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News Alert No.93: British SAS wiped out several hundred ISIL fighters

Along the past two days [November 22 and November 23, 2014], Mail on Sunday published a piece of news describing, with some details, the way in which the notoriously effective British SAS (Special Air Service) is directly involved in fighting against the Islamic State (ISIL) forces in Iraq. According to the British newspaper, “SAS troops […]

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News alert No.81: Unprecedentedly heavy combat losses of Afghan military forces

“Afghan forces have been suffering unprecedented casualties this year”, Reuters reports on November 5, 2014. Local and Western sources say the ANSF (Afghan National Security Forces – which means the ANA, Afghan National Army, plus several branches of the Afghan National Police, ANP) were able to deny the Taliban and other radical groups any chance […]

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Policy Study No.2: Some general OSINT remarks regarding terrorist threats impacting the European Union


Introductory remarks Many open sources have noted recently that the E.U faces a considerable terrorist threat derived from the homecoming of foreign fighters from Syria. Even though there are considerable pieces of information to confirm this very trend one must bear in mind the fact that a terrorist threat coming from such a source is […]

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