Policy Brief no.79: Large Russian and Chinese joint naval exercise in the Sea of Japan

Less than three days ago, on August 20, 2015, a large joint naval exercise, involving Russian and Chinese forces started in the Sea of Japan, and off the coast of Vladivostok. The Washington Times is reporting that six helicopters, five fixed-wing combat aircraft, 21 pieces of amphibious equipment (which means combat ships – Xinhua is […]

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Opinion no. 27: A desperate attempt to break diplomatic isolation: Kim Jong Un’s first official visit will be to Moscow


“Kim Jong Un might be ready this year to come out of his cave a bit”[1], affirmed the North Korea expert John Delury[2], cited by The Washington Post, on January 14, 2015. After three years of almost complete diplomatic isolation, North Korea’s leader decided to stage his first official visit to Moscow, by accepting the […]

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Opinion no. 24: Japan’s defense budget to be increased by almost 3 %


For the third consecutive year [1], Japan’s defense budget is increased (2.8 percent over the previous fiscal year) till 4.98 trillion yen (i.e. 42 billion $) [2]. This is the largest ever defense budget in Japan and it will raise the defense expenses for the fiscal year which starts in April till 5% of Japan’s […]

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News Alert no.107: Japan approves largest ever defense budget

Japan China defense budget

On January 14, 2015, Japan approved its biggest defense budget ever for the next fiscal year. According to Business Insider[1], until March 2016, “Tokyo will spend 4.98 trillion yen ($41.97 billion)”; previously, the highest Japanese budget was the “4.96 trillion yen earmarked in 2002”. Part of the new budget will be spent on acquiring new […]

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Policy Paper No.4: Asia-Pacific: Geostrategic significance of a strong Indian-Japanese partnership

India Japan

Diplomatic talks between Indian and Japanese top officials, aiming to significantly improve the cooperation of the two Asian countries continued on September 1 in Japan. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Japan on August 30, for five days, and he already had an official meeting in Tokyo with his Japanese counterpart, Shinzo Abe. Their […]

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Policy Paper No.2: The Chinese “supersonic” submarine, putting things into perspective

The Chinese supersonic submarine

Recently China made a declaration which strongly illustrates the magnitude of Chinese efforts made in order to get at least technological parity with the U.S. in naval warfare. In its efforts to develop its maritime military power, Beijing announced that it could have taken an important step in the development of what should be the […]

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Policy Brief No.3: Chengdu J-20, worrying perspectives for the Asia Pacific area


On the 26th of July China has managed to successfully test-fly its fourth prototype of the Chengdu J-20 fifth generation stealth bomber.[1] The newest version of the bomber flew for two hour before landing.[2] Many factors have contributed to the development of the aircraft. Espionage is of course one of them. Most open source data […]

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