Policy Brief no. 80: No important positive results of the major Iraqi offensive in Anbar, against ISIL

iraqi artillery anbar

At the end of almost 30 days since the start of a massive Iraqi military offensive in the Anbar province, against the ISIL forces, no really major results are visible, a recent text published by Al Jazeera is reporting. While the governmental actions are “showing few signs of progress”, open sources say that “ISIL still […]

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News Alert no. 140: Top adviser to Khamenei says U.S. is to be confronted and rolled back by Tehran-led “resistance axis”

alt velayati

According to official Iranian media, Ali Akbar Velayati, a top adviser to the Supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that a “resistance axis” led by Iran, and including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and the [pro-Iranian forces in] Palestinian territories is “not only to fight against the dominance of foreigners in their countries”, but also […]

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Policy Brief no. 68: U.S. military advisers to be deployed near the front lines in Iraq, at Mosul

us in irak again

A “senior U.S. military official” quoted by CNN said, on January 24, 2015, that U.S. military advisers already deployed to Iraq in order to significantly boost combat worthiness of Iraqi troops might be sent near the front lines at Mosul (the largest city in Northern Iraq and the largest city controlled by ISIL). Most probably, […]

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News Alert No.102: New Islamic State attack in the Anbar province


Islamic State fighters stormed and captured a town in Iraq’s western Anbar province on Saturday [December 13], killing at least 19 policemen and trapping others inside their headquarters, in the latest attack in the desert region where it controls large amounts of territory”, Reuters reports on December 13. The same open source reports that “Islamic […]

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Policy Brief No.64: Massive attempt to revive effectiveness of Iraqi military forces


A massive – and almost desperate, frankly speaking – attempt to restore combat effectiveness of the armed forces takes place in Iraq, Aljazeera reports on December 11, 2014. The news agency is stating that  “Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi’s campaign to purge the country’s security forces of corrupt commanders and ‘ghost soldiers’ should have a […]

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Policy Brief No.62: Massive U.S. military ‘retrograde operations’ in Afghanistan are going on


Since February 2014, “the U.S. has retrograded or divested 12,000 pieces of rolling stock – vehicles, mostly”, from Afghanistan, “and more than 25,000 shipping containers or vehicles have been exported to either U.S. bases in Kuwait or straight to the U.S.”, Star and Stripes reports on December 7. The effort aimed at bringing a large […]

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News Alert No.93: British SAS wiped out several hundred ISIL fighters


Along the past two days [November 22 and November 23, 2014], Mail on Sunday published a piece of news describing, with some details, the way in which the notoriously effective British SAS (Special Air Service) is directly involved in fighting against the Islamic State (ISIL) forces in Iraq. According to the British newspaper, “SAS troops […]

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