CIESPRISS (the acronym for Centrul Interdisciplinar de Excelenţă în Strategii Politice, Relaţii Internaţionale şi Studii Strategice, which means The Interdisciplinary Center for Excellence in Political Strategies, International Relations and Strategic Studies) is a research center which operates, according to the Romanian law, within the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Bucharest (FSPUB). In 2013, dr. Florin Diaconu notified the Council of FSPUB that a cohesive and large group of professors and PhD candidates – some of them already involved, together, for several years in serious group activities, for example in preparing and organizing the 2011 International Conference “9/11: Ten Years After” – has the intention to start operating a research center specially designed to study international relations, mostly using concepts and thinking patterns belonging to the Realist School in IR. The FSPUB Council unanimously voted in favor of this initiative.

The list of the founding members of CIESPRISS is a quite long one. In a strictly alphabetical order, these founding members are: Mr. Mihai-Cătălin Avram, Ph.D. student, FSPUB; Ms. Alexandra Laura Benea, Ph.D. student, FSPUB; Dr. Radu Carp, Professor, FSPUB; Dr. Florin Diaconu, Associate Professor, FSPUB; Dr. Monica Gheorghiţă, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA); Ms. Andreea Lăpădat, Ph.D. student, FSPUB; Mr. Scott C. Morgan, Jr., M.A., Major, USAF; Dr. Brînduşa Nicolaescu, Assistant Professor, FSPUB; Dr. Sandra Pralong; Mr. Ionel Radovici, Ph.D. student, FSPUB; Ms. Andra Karla Sienerth, Ph.D. student, FSPUB; Dr. Tiberiu Tănase, “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University; Ms. Genţiana Trancă, Ph.D. student, FSPUB; Dr. Daniela Zirra, Professor, Romanian-American University; Dr. Vlad Zirra, Senior Researcher, Archaeology Institute, Romanian Academy; some B.A and M.A. students at FSPUB are also founding members, and are also Junior or Senior Interns at CIESPRISS. Two of them, Ioana-Corina Julan, B.A. student, FSPUB; and Emanoel Matei, M.A. student, FSPUB, offered practically invaluable help to both the CIESPRISS and the Hans J. Morgenthau Center activities.

In December, 2013, CIESPRISS was the main organizer of a two days long International Conference. Its central topic was “(Re)shaping Greater Middle East: 40 Years since the 1973 Arab-Israeli War”. The Conference was supported a lot by both the FSPUB and the Romanian Diplomatic Institute (IDR). The Israeli and the Egyptian Ambassadors to Romania were invited and delivered interesting opening speeches. The total number of studies and interventions presented is larger than 25.

CIESPRISS decided to continuously involve itself in creating and developing the online strategic analysis platform called Hans J. Morgenthau Center, which belongs to a group of individuals who wish to establish an NGO specially tailored for in-depth political analysis and forecasting, both in the field of International Relations and Strategic Studies, and in the field of Political Science and Political Praxis. CIESPRISS selects and publishes texts belonging to both members and non-members, and strongly encourages students in FSPUB and other faculties and universities to join its activities. CIESPRISS is a very strong promoter (and the academic supervisor) of the Romanian language section of the Hans J. Morgenthau Center, and also a promoter of flexible and effective partnerships with other entities (state institutions, private enterprises, NGOs, and media).

In December 2014, CIESPRISS will be involved, as it was in the previous two years, in organizing and monitoring the third annual edition of the National Workshop “Understanding, Learning and Teaching International Relations”, traditionally hosted by the Romanian Diplomatic Institute.

CIESPRISS intends to organize, in 2015, a new International Conference. Its topic will be: “The Great War escalates: One century since 1915, the second year of the First World War”.

CIESPRISS also wishes to operate, in the long run, a special educational program called “Friends of Rome”, aiming to boost the study of history and civic education in elementary and secondary schools in Romania.

CIESPRISS members and interns are regularly involved in international conferences organized by other institutional entities. Along the past few years, many CIESPRISS studies have been presented, for example, at International Conferences organized by both the “Carol I” National Defense University and the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy. Most of them have been published in Proceedings volumes, and other studies of CIESPRISS members have been published in Romanian Military ThinkingGândirea Militară Românească, a professional journal published under the aegis of the Romanian General Staff.