Velayati, an experienced foe of the U.S.

Velayati, an experienced foe of the U.S.

According to official Iranian media, Ali Akbar Velayati, a top adviser to the Supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that a “resistance axis” led by Iran, and including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and the [pro-Iranian forces in] Palestinian territories is “not only to fight against the dominance of foreigners in their countries”, but also to roll back US hegemony, Jerusalem Post is reporting on August 16, 2015[1]. Velayati also said that the West is conspiring to divide Syria after “failing in its military aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq”[2]. Such statements of so a senior Khamenei aide are placing under a serious question mark the very nature of the real strategic intentions of the leaders in Tehran, after the nuclear deal in mid-July. Influential political voices in the U.S. expressed, more or less openly, the hope that Iran is going, as a result of the already mentioned deal, to gradually diminish its anti-status quo policies. As we can see, such hopes that Iran will not threaten any more vital strategic interests of the West were nothing else but naïve and dangerous wishful thinking.

Less than two weeks ago, on August 4, the same Velayati openly accused the U.S. and Saudi Arabia that they are trying “to increase their interference” in regional affairs in the Middle East, and also that they are trying to “impose their will” in several countries, the Iranian Press TV is reporting[3]. Velayati is a former minister of Foreign Affais of Iran (for more than 16 years, from 1981 to 1997) and is now “Head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran’s Expediency Council”[4].

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