“The hacker network Anonymous is threatening the Chinese government with a campaign called ‘Operation Hong Kong.’”[1], reports an article published by Washington Times on October 10, 2014.

The group usually called Anonymous, posted on Twitter, on this occasion, under the name of ‘Operation Hong Kong’ or ‘#OpHongKong’' and ‘#OpHK’, said that it will launch a mass effort against Chinese government servers to bring down their websites via Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Saturday [October 11, 2014]. “Here's your heads up, prepare for us, try to stop it, the only success you will have will be taking all your sites offline,” an Anonymous statement posted online said. “China, you cannot stop us. You should have expected us before abusing your power against the citizens of Hong Kong.”[2]

According to Reuters, “the Legal Network Media Beijing Company, which maintains the Ministry of Justice site, said it had not had official notice about any attack, nor had it detected any attacks on the website so far.”[3] The attack is scheduled for October 11, at 1pm MST and some of their top targets are - Chinese Police; - Hong Kong Police; - Ministry of Defense of China; - Ministry of Justice for China. Anonymous group has already leaked over 500 emails from databases (Ningbo Free-Trade Zone).[4]

Asked about the attacks, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's said on the Regular Press Conference on October 10, 2014 that “if what you said is true [Anonymous threats], it shows that the Chinese government is the victim of cyber hacking. China consistently opposes and resolutely combats all forms of cyber-hacking activities, and condemns the actions of relevant organization. As for the current situation in Hong Kong, our position is very clear. ‘Occupy Central’ movement is a completely illegal activity. The central government of China resolutely opposes all kinds of illegal activities that undermine the rule of law and social order in Hong Kong, and firmly believes that Hong Kong SAR government will handle the matter in accordance with the law.”[5]

However nothing notable is going to happen, we estimate. Anonymous is nothing more than a discharge of so called “white hacktivism”. Anonymous has mass media coverage with precise targets announced with at least 24 hours before the strike, becoming nothing else than a tool in the hands of big media companies. Under the umbrella of Anonymous’ name can act various persons with different intentions and interests. Diverting attention from the much bigger problem of users vulnerability exposed during the ‘Occupy Central’ movement described in my previous article “Policy Brief No.47: Hong Kong’s protests triggers the next level of Cyber War: mass surveillance”[6] this kind of announce is a form of “Internet socialism” in the very heart of democracy.



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