The following article will present a method to detect the migration of a certain population to a specific area (or the more or less covert operations of military forces across national borders).

Case study:  Russian presence in Ukraine

Tool: Google Keyword Tool

Idea: Migration of a large number of persons in an area with a different language (language is considered the language chosen at the setup of the device used) can be detected by the traffic increase of specific websites (located in the countries where the people we are speaking about are coming from) in the area of migration. When people travel to a different country they continue to check the websites from their country (they check the same news, have the same friends as before, etc). Most of people don't type the entire internet address of a website so Google may consider it as a keyword. For example: if you wish to visit amazon.com and you enter just Amazon in the browser, Google will show you on the first page, the first link of amazon.com. Google records the searches and the location of the internet user by the IP.  Google Keywords Tools allows us to check the source of internet traffic (for commercial purpose).

Method: Analyzing monthly traffic and detecting anomalies; comparing monthly traffic with previous year, same month.

1. Choosing the website

Method of choosing the website: High Alexa Rank; Russian Website, Various Interests



Verifying : typing рбк in the browser will show us the following page:


2. Website traffic

Place: Donetsk Oblast

Language: Russian (choosed on set up of the users account on the devices, not Ukrainean)

Date range: Dec 2013 - Oct 2014


Place: Donetsk Oblast

Language: Russian

Date range: Nov 2012 - Aug 2013 (orange) compared with Nov 2013 - Aug 2014 (blue)


Place: Donetsk Oblast

Language: Russian

Date range: Nov 2012 - Aug 2014 - January 2014, February 2014, March 2014 - ascending trend


Average monthly searches (numbers from Google Keyword Tools)*:


* All the data are available online at https://adwords.google.com/   in the section: KeywordPlanner


Traffic increase in January from Russian speaking internet users (most probably Russian nationals not present here in previous months) in Donetsk Oblast and Crimea, high traffic in February and very high traffic values in March. We may assume that the number of Russian speaking people in Donetsk Oblast and Crimea started to slightly increase in January and already was large in February, reaching a clear peak in March. These figures seem to indicate a very clear Russian invasion.

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