1. Brief Introduction & Acknowledgements

2. AMBASSADOR MARK H. GITENSTEIN’S REMARKS at the Romanian Diplomatic Institute

In Remembrance of the 10th Anniversary of the September 11

Terror Attacks against the United States

3. FOLDER: All studies presented in different sections of the conference, delivered to the Romanian Diplomatic Institute until September 8, 2011 (see the list of the titles of the texts, plus their authors)


- MIRELA ATANASIU: Actions and Effects in the Aftermath of the 9 / 11 Terrorist Attacks

-MIHAI CĂTĂLIN AVRAM:Ten years after 9 /11. A case study of the Xinjiang terrorist issue

- CRISTIAN BARNA: Al Qaīda: 10 Years After - PETRIŞOR BĂDICĂ, RĂZVAN GEORGE ŞTEFAN: The lonely wolf: The example of lethal success & the ‘risk behind your back’, ten years after 9 / 11

- DIANA ALEXANDRA BENEA: Hardships in Democratic States’ Response to Terrorism

- ADRIAN BIDEAUA: Regiunea Mării Negre după 9 / 11, 2001: importanţa crescută şi rolul NATO

- AITANA BOGDAN and OANA SPRÎNCENATU: Ten years after 9/11 – What has changed in the intelligence community?

-OANA ELENA BRÂNDA: The Tony Blair Cabinet Security Discourse after 9/11 reflected in official documents

- SIMONA BULUMAC: The French approach to counterterrorism, ten years after 9/11

- ADRIAN BUNEA: United States power interests after September 11, 2001, reflected in the State of the Union Addresses of the Barack Obama Presidency

- ANCA-IOANA BUTUNOI: Terorismul suicidar şi semnificaţia atentatelor de la 11 septembrie 2001 în evoluţia acestuia

- ŞERBAN FILIP CIOCULESCU: Are Al Qaeda-like groups the most successful pattern of terrorism in the future?

- ANA CONSTANTINESCU: Immediate changes and consequences in a post-9/11 world. Challenges of a post-9/11 world

- ZAGON CSABA: 9/11 – ten years after: Security improvements in global container shipping during the recent decade

- FLORIN DIACONU: Afghanistan: a significant test for the global relevance of both the U.S. national power and NATO

- WALFREDO BENTO FERREIRA NETO: Ten years after 9 / 11. Some implications for Latin American armed forces – the case of Brazil and the police power assigned to the Army

- TEODOR FRUNZETI,Lt. General: Unconventional terrorism evolution and its consequences over the international security

- ATTILA HORVATH: New era in the history of terrorism: al-Qaeda

- ILEANA IOANA IONESCU and IMANUELA IONESCU: The Impact of 9/11 on International Relations. The View from Brazil

- DENISE MIHALACHE: 9/11: Ten years after. A brief set of observations and comments

- ALEXANDRA MORĂRIŢA: Core Changes of the Security Concept during the Post-Soviet Era and after 9 / 11

- MIKLÓS A. LOVÁSZ: Environmental issues in the global post-9 / 11 context

- SCOTT C. MORGAN, Major, USAF: The Evolution of U.S. Policy in Afghanistan:  2001-2011

- MIHAELA SORINA NIGA: The global arena post 9/11 – emerging powers and new geopolitical realities

- ROXANA OLTEANU: Conflicte şi ameninţări asimetrice – dinamica şi implicaţiile activităţii teroriste pe continentul african

- OLEKSANDR POLTORATSKYY: NATO’s Mission in the 9/11 Aftermath: A View from Ukraine

- SILVIU PETRE: India’s own war on terror. Regional hegemony or implosion

- IONEL RADOVICI: Local opinions regarding 9/11/2001 and its consequences. Case study: Tecuci township and its surrounding areas

- ANA SANDU, SILVIU SANDU: Points of view expressed by Romanian political leaders in regard to the 9 / 11 attacks, to the initial phases of the Global War on Terrorism and to the access within the NATO security framework (2001-2004)

- CRISTIAN DAN ŞTEFAN: Evoluţia conceptului de securitate după 11 Septembrie 2001 şi tendinţe în lupta antiteroristă

- ALEXANDRU-MIHAIL TĂNASE: Aspects regarding experiences of some Romanian soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan

- BOGDAN TEODOR and VALENTIN NICULA: NATO’s response after 9 / 11

- GENŢIANA TRANCĂ: Ten Years Later: The Positive Outlook on Fear - The Twin Towers as Icon in Recent American Cinema

- DENISA UDREA: European responses to terrorism after 9/11: the impact of anti-terrorism policies on civil liberties

- CRISTINA NICOLESCU WAGGONNER: Hate of the United States. Weapons Trade and Human Rights Violations. The Need for Arms Control Regulation

- IULIAN ZAHARIA: Соmраrаtіvе cіnеmаtоgrарһіc аnаlуѕеѕ оf tһе Unіtеd 93 аnd WTСfеаturе fіlmѕ аnd tһе wау tһеу еmbеd tһе реrѕреctіvе оf dеаtһ аnd tеrrоrіѕm оf Frеncһ ѕоcіоlоgіѕt Јеаn Bаudrіllаrd

4. List of participants & authors