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Policy Brief no. 80: No important positive results of the major Iraqi offensive in Anbar, against ISIL

iraqi artillery anbar

At the end of almost 30 days since the start of a massive Iraqi military offensive in the Anbar province, against the ISIL forces, no really major results are visible, a recent text published by Al Jazeera is reporting. While the governmental actions are “showing few signs of progress”, open sources say that “ISIL still […]

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Opinion no 28: Antony Beevor, officially banned in Russian schools


Antony Beevor, an outstandingly serious professional historian, is writing in The Guardian, on August 5, 2015, that his books have been officially banned in Russia. Beevor says: “Over the past 24 hours I have been receiving slightly ironic congratulations by email from fellow historians. They were prompted by the order from the Ministry of Education […]

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Opinion No.5: Beyond the layer of recent events, some broad and long-term trends are slowly working in Nigeria


On the October 23, 2014, BBC[1] reported that on Saturday, October 19, exactly one day after the “truce” unilaterally announced by the Nigerian Army, the terrorist organization Boko Haram abducted several dozen of women and girls from three villages in Nigeria’s northeastern Adamawa state. Though the Nigerian government didn’t confirm the abduction, local sources said […]

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News Alert No.12 : Bosnia arrests 16 individuals working for Iraqi and Syrian terrorist groups

Bosnia Special Forces

On September 4, early in the morning, Euronews reported that a massive action of the Bosnian police, involving almost 200 officers, led to the arrest of “16 people on terrorism charges”. The open source we are quoting from also states that the “17 raids” have hit hard a network “involved in the financing, recruiting and […]

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