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News Alert no. 139: Major insurgent attacks in – and near – Kabul: 50 killed, hundreds wounded

Building destroyed by a bomb truck in Kabul

Starting with August 7, 2015, several significant attacks have been launched by insurgents (and at least two of them by Taliban fighters) against “Afghan army and police and U.S. special forces”, in or near Kabul, Reuters reports on August 8. At least 50 people were killed and several hundred have been wounded, and open sources […]

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News Alert No.44: Massive Taliban attack on Ajrestan district, not far from Kabul

Taliban attack on Ajrestan district

Taliban insurgents have taken control of Ajrestan, a strategic district in the Afghan province of Ghazni on the night of September 25, after approximately five days of battles. Reuters reports that “an estimated 700 Taliban fighters” were involved, while “more than 100 people” were killed, “including 15 who were beheaded by the militants”[1]. According to […]

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