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Policy Brief no. 81: Russia is strongly boosting its military presence in Syria


Some U.S. intelligence analysts say that “Russia is preparing to insert combat aircraft into Syria”, possibly in order to launch airstrikes against the radical groups fighting against the Assad regime (which is an important regional ally of the Kremlin). We already know, the same open source is reporting, that “in a development that caught U.S. […]

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Policy Brief No.15 (b): Russia is ready to implement heavy-handed Internet censorship

Russia Internet

Putin may install the Internet censorship in his country, Reuters correspondent in Moscow, Alissa De Carbonnel reported on September 4.[1] “Bloggers with more than 3,000 followers must comply with tough rules governing media and since February, authorities have been able to block websites without a court order; the sites of two leading Kremlin critics were […]

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Policy Brief No.13: Ukraine: Putin has a ceasefire plan, but the Prime Minister in Kiev says it is nothing else but a Russian “deception”

Ukraine troops

On September 3, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he had an extensive telephone talk with Ukrainian President Poroshenko, and that he has a ceasefire plan for Eastern Ukraine. Putin estimates that the ceasefire can become effective as soon as Friday, September 5, Reuters reports. Putin told the reporters, speaking about his views on Ukraine, […]

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News Alert No.10: Putin threatened Barroso, saying that Russia can “take Kiev” in two weeks

Vladimir Putin

On September 1, the Italian newspaper La Repubblicaquoted Jose Manuel Barroso, the head of the European Commission, mentioning his telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin. In that conversation Putin allegedly threatened the European Union and Ukraine: “The problem is this, if I want to, I can take Kiev in two weeks”[1]. This direct threat was mentioned […]

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